Indoor Spaces


Our homes should be spaces of refuge but for many, homes can be more chaotic than the outside world. Many homes are toxic spaces for diverse reasons – relationship stress, financial challenges, unresolved repair issues, simply being overwhelmed, etc., To make matters worse, it can be difficult to find an escape or reach resolutions in an attempt to feel some sense of security. Not only have I been a victim of being in a toxic space but I have also contributed to it. This is not easy to admit but it is necessary to acknowledge and to be vulnerable enough to share. Through gradual tweaks to my habits and lifestyle, I have learned to prioritize keeping my home as a safe space. Surprisingly, those tweaks began with escapes to the natural world and eventually, bringing a bit of nature indoors.

It is truly amazing how a little plant in a vessel of water or a whiff of a favorite natural fragrance can temporarily invade your space to provide a moment of clarity. And even if you have circumstances beyond your control or people who are immovable on your journey to calm, you can start by taking back a moment. Self-care is a hyped-up term, but it does not negate the fact that we must preserve and protect ourselves the best we can. Bringing nature indoors is a special type of therapy that requires minimal investment and has a ripple effect. Not only are you improving the indoor space for yourself, but everyone who resides in or visits as well. Sound ridiculous? Absolutely but only because we have been so far removed from taking in the simple and pure beauty of the natural world.

Are you willing to give it a try? I have plenty of tips to share and would love for you to join me in creating a haven at home. And for those who have reside in a home that is safe and cozy and just need a bit of sprucing up … there’s a place for you here too! I just moved to a new space, and the timing is just right for you to join the journey. Peruse the website, follow me on social media, or sign-up for the newsletter. Let’s reclaim our spaces together!


Revamping and indoor or outdoor classroom space? Converting the work breakroom to a natural oasis? I’m here for you! My plant styling services are not just for home environments but for any space that needs a bit of life infused into the mix.