Summer Camp

Creative Arts Summer Camp (ages 6 to 12 years)

Monday – Thursday 1-4pm

This summer join Aisha Sanders of The Plant Haven for an exciting series of creative camps in her new Chapel Hill studio.  This summer’s camps will intersect the lines of artistic expression with care and curiosity of the natural world.  We’ll draw our initial inspiration from world renowned artists but ultimately turn to our local community for our creative processes.  From collecting objects found in nature to scavenging our local thrift stores, we’ll have endless possibilities at our fingertips.  With the imagination there are no limits.  Weekly field trip or guest artist presentation and community art show at the end of each session. Studio snack bar stocked with healthy snacks. Classes are limited to 6 students. $350/session or $135/week.

*** Early bird registration special for 3-week sessions is open now thru May 31, 2022. On June 1st, registration will open for all weekly camp sessions, if spaces are still available. ***


Week 1 June 13th – June 16th Perfectly Imperfect: Discovering Self

This first week of camp will be an opportunity to discover and share what makes each of us unique as we create self-portraits. We’ll delve into what truly makes individuals special from a physical perspective to community and cultural influences. This class will also explore self-perception and perceived imperfections. In this “about me” time, students will also create a short biography statement. This class goes a bit deeper than face value to open students up to free expression and acceptance of imperfections to carry through future artistic creations.

Inspired by the works of Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, and Pablo Picasso

Frida Kahlo Self Portrait
Yayoi Kusama Self Portrait
Pablo Picasso Self Portrait

Week 2  June 20th – 23rd   Dots and Dashes:  Indigenous Art

This week will cover the basics of creative design.  Simple palettes, simple techniques, and simple patterns that can be expanded upon to create exquisite works of art.  The materials for this class can be collected quite easily whether that be a basic board of canvas or wood, a smooth branch from a tree, or found pottery vessel.  We’ll use paint, paint brushes, pens/markers, and found objects for our creations.  All materials provided but campers are welcome to bring items from home.

Inspired by the works of Tommy Lowry, Queenie McKenzie, and Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri

Art by Tommy Lowry
Art by Queenie McKenzie
Art by Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri

Week 3  June 27th – June 30th   Art in Motion:  Upcycled Kinetic Art

Creative reuse will be the main subject of this week’s camp.  We’ll explore opportunities to reuse all sorts of materials for our creative endeavors.  Campers will also delve into the design process by conceptualizing an idea, sketching out a design, and searching for materials.  This week will be a slight challenge as we incorporate balance and movement in our exploration of kinetic art.

Inspired by the works of Alexander Calder, Rebecca Horn, and Liu Xiaodong

Art by Alexander Calder
Art by Rebecca Horn
Art by Liu Xiaodong


Week 4  July 12th – July 15th Boldly Subtle:  Abstract Watercolor Expressions

This week is all about the exploration of color and discovering which colors speak to us and why.  We’ll cover art concepts like abstract design and blending but will also tie our creative processes into place and memories.  Intentional use of color presents a great opportunity to infuse personality into creative works.  Students will also learn basic color theory.

Inspired by the works of Judith Godwin, Helen FrankenThaler, and Mark Rothko

Art by Helen FrankenThaler
Art by Judith Godwin
Art by Mark Rothko

Week 5  July 19th – 23rd Subtly Bold:  Pottery and Pale Pastels

Campers will learn pottery basics from molding and shaping the clay and texture techniques to painting and finishing.  Beyond working directly with our pottery creations, we’ll also explore still life staging and painting.  Collecting props and setting them up to enhance our personal works of art and explore a bit of functional design.  We’ll also discuss the therapeutic aspects of creative expression.

Inspired by the works of Andile Dyalvane, Myunjin Kim, and Georgio Morandi

Art by Andile Dyalvane
Art by Myungjin Kim
Art by Georgio Morandi

Week 6  July 26th – July 29th The Art of Flowers:  Flora and Field Study

This week’s class is truly an exploration and study of nature.  Campers will have several options for creating art from nature.  Whether a camper decides to focus on displaying a collection or studying and creating one specific item from nature there will be plenty of opportunities to get creative.  We’ll also touch on biomimicry (emulating designs and ideas found in nature) and how to create solutions to human problems through design.

Inspired by the works of Bridget Collins (Flora Forager), Anastasia Kovaleva, and Georgia O’Keeffe

Art by Bridget Collins (Flora Forager)
Art by Anastasia Kovaleva
Art by Georgia O’Keefe


Week 7  August 2nd – August 5th

Cultural Diversity: Textile Artistry

This is a packed week overflowing with creating with various fibers.  Our focus will be on natural fibers and natural dye techniques vs. conventional methods.  Campers will explore basic macramé, weaving, and a bit of crochet/knitting too but will have the freedom to simply create from their own inspiration as well.  We’ll also discuss where various fibers come from and making sustainable choices when it comes to choosing natural fibers over synthetic.

Inspired by the works of Bisa Butler, Michael C. Thorpe, Cecilia Vicuna, and Billie Zangewa

Art by Bisa Butler
Art by Michael C. Thorpe
Art by Cecilia Vicuna

Week 8  August 9th – August 12th Mixed Media: Insect Artistry

Get ready for a buggy week as we explore bugs (and other creepy crawlies).  This class will cover very basic entomology as we examine and study insects as an inspiration for our designs.  Campers will have the freedom to use any design technique for their creative works.  Whether that be a painted butterfly, spider shadowbox, or a mixed media work of art the possibilities are endless.

Inspired by the works of Raku Inoue, Yumi Okita, and Kelly Stanford

Art by Raku Inoue
Art by Yumi Okita
Art by Kelly Stanford

Week 9  August 16th – August 20th

Subject and Setting: Stuffies and Dioramas

This class presents a great opportunity for campers to gain basic sewing skills.  Not only will we be designing and creating a hand-sewn stuffie but we’ll also create a mixed media diorama for our creation to call home.  This class covers basic creative writing through the creation of character sketches and setting backdrops as we create a mini story for our creations.Inspired by the works of Allison May Kiphuth, Curtis Tawlst Santiago, and Cosima Von Bonin

Art by Allison May Kiphuth
Art by Curtis Tawlst Santiago
Art by Cosima Von Bonin