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Hello fellow plant lovers!  My name is Aisha and I live every moment in awe and wonder of creation.  This appreciation started at an early age as I spent my entire childhood living by the ocean and exploring the natural world.  This passion never escaped me and I eventually created a business to share this joy.  As life has its unexpected twists and turns, I found myself having to take a break from the business side of things to focus on my health and well-being.  This time away prompted me to slow down and live a simpler life.  A life with less “things” and less “busyness.”  But always plants!

As I focused on recovery, one of my greatest joys was taking in the presence of creation that surrounded me.  From the inspiring rays of the morning sun to the evening glimmer of the reflective moon, each day was filled with wondrous works.  Whether caring for plants at home or admiring the botanical life on a spontaneous walk, every moment was so therapeutic.  These moments transported me to memories of curating and caring for plants to share with others through living art installations, plant sales, and workshops.  I often spent months with a plant to simply observe its miraculous growth cycle.  Pampering a tiny cutting to maturity or witnessing a momma plant give birth to beautiful babies. 

The Plant Haven was created to continue sharing the wonders of creation yet with a bit more intention.  My hopes are to encourage stewardship of everything we are blessed with.  Loved ones, our home environment, the natural world, and so much more.  Through gathering and sharing knowledge and resources to curating the healthiest, happiest specimen, I hope to create an exceptional experience.  This all starts with sharing my heart and passion and I truly hope you join me on this remarkable journey.

Living Art Exhibits and Plant Installations

Where my journey began.

Apartment 4D, Cameron Gallery in Durham, NC

Beyond A Glimpse: An Intimate Affair with Nature, The Carrack in Durham, NC

Look Up, Durham Art Guild at Goldenbelt in Durham, NC

Paradise Garden, The Carrack in Durham, NC

Specimen: Cameron Gallery in Durham, NC

The Storefront Project, Durham, NC

Melinda’s Massage Therapy Space, Durham, NC

Larema Coffee Shop, Rocky Mount, NC

Various Weddings and Private Events

Markets, Presentations, and Workshops

My favorite meet and greets.

ArtWalks – Durham, Hillsborough, and Raleigh (RetroModern)

Asheville Market

The Brunch Market, Richmond, VA

Carrboro Bazaar, Carrboro, NC

Cecilia’s at Durham Farmers Market

Co-Working Space

Durham Holiday Art Walk, Durham, NC

Garden Clubs

Living Art Class Series, The Scrap Exchange, Durham, NC

Locally Made Market, Cary, NC

Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, NC

The Patchwork Market, Durham, NC

Plant Sales at Freeman’s Creative, Durham, NC

Raleigh, NC Apartment Community Social

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

West Elm Local Maker Spotlight, Durham, NC

Numerous in-person and virtual botanical workshops

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

My forever passion.

Bull City Plant Swap (Facebook Group – 3K Members) Founder

Durham Urban Gardening: Indoors and Out (MeetUp), Founder

Extension Master Gardener Volunteer

Haiti Sustainable Agriculture Missions

International Youth Agricultural Leadership, Department of State Program

North Carolina Community Garden Partners

SEEDS Community Garden

Numerous Nature-Inspired Classes and Camps for Youth

Trainings, Certifications, and Memberships

Always learning, always growing.

Certified Wildlife Habitat, National Wildlife Association

Community Garden Leaders Training

Food Security Specialization Certification, Stanford University

International and Area Studies B.S. / Sustainability, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Improving Leadership and Governance in Nonprofit Organizations Specialization – University of Buffalo

Rain Garden Certification, North Carolina State University

Sustainable Agriculture, Central Carolina Community College

Numerous seminars, workshops, and courses in sustainable agriculture